From Sickly to Thriving!

In the past, I had a history of being “sickly.” I would catch whatever was going around. Sinus infections were a regular occurrence growing up, even after I moved out of my family home where my dad smoked. It got to a point my life was difficult even to get through the days. I was a working mom with a two toddlers living across the country from my family. I was sick all the time. I had recurring sinus infections. My doctor didn’t know what to do with me. I had multiple sinus x-rays that discovered nothing. He would prescribe be antibiotics which helped, until it came back 3 months later. I barely had the strength to get through a days work and collapse on the catch while my husband helped feed the kids.

This was my life until I heard about essential oils. My brain couldn’t even comprehend that oils could improve your health. But I felt I needed to give it a try. So I purchased my starter kit and started using Thieves and Lavender, along with the rest of the oils. Within short order allergy symptoms were managed with Lavender. I even got to a point I didn’t need the Lavender for allergies any more. And I never had another sinus infection since! I also been working at homeless missions and other facilities with a high risk of getting the flu. I have not had the flu since I started using Young Living essential oils. It’s been over 7 years!

Oh, and I have gotten my oils free for 7 years as well! I was so excited I wanted to share the oils with friends and family. For every one of your friends you help sign up, you get a $50 thank you from Young Living! I quickly had signed up enough people that it paid me back for my starter kit and pays for my monthly order.

Don’t wait to get started! Click the Product tab on the top right of the screen, the click on the Get Started tab. Sign up for the Wholesale Account so you can get 24% off all your purchases. It’s a discount club kind of like Costco.

After that, I’ll be giving you a call helping you with your family’s health goals and getting you started!