We love essential oils and supplements. Sometimes it is nice to have a little guidance on what would be best.

This little machine has made a big impact in our lives. We use this mouse looking device almost weekly.




I discovered long ago that there are SO MANY different, wonderful things that we can use for our family. It can make my head spin sometimes. What do I choose? What is best and who is telling me the truth?

As you know, I am a big fan of essential oils. We use them daily. Multiple times a day. I also know that each member of my family is different and we may respond to one oil or supplement in a different way.

You don’t have to be an aromatherapist or professional to find out which essential oils or therapeutic supplement that your body needs.  The Zyto Compass will help you and take out the guess work. Think of this like a GPS for your car that helps you go in the right direction ~ the Zyto Compass helps find the optimal essential oils and supplements your body needs to balance out whole.

Zyto Scan only takes a few minutes to complete and gives you with a detailed PDF report that lets you know which oils would be most beneficial to your body where your body is now.

This Zyto Compass technology enables us to perform a Bio-Survey of your body addressing 76 bio-markers in the body through our hand cradle. This allows us to know exactly which areas of your body need to support to get your body back in full balance.

This is an essential tool to everyone using natural products on a daily basis.

You may also use your Zyto Scanner to provide scans locally for people in your area.  This is a wonderful business opportunity for you and fabulous benefit for your members, those who attend your events and your community.

If you choose to purchase your own Zyto Scanner, please let them know you were referred by Anastasia Carroll. 🙂 https://www.zytocompass.com/af/acarroll